How long is a piece of string?

It can be very funny when people 1st ring to ‘book a magician’. We help people find the best type of magic or entertainment for their event so it’s not a basic answer, just a simple process.

Ben used to answer their question by starting with the line “How long is a piece of string?” referring to the multiple answers their question had, and then working out their best option. Then one day, after walking one particular client through the process, they circled back and asked what the piece of string had to do with anything. There was another lengthy discussion that followed.

One of Ben’s favourite sayings at the moment is the line from ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ – ‘I’m a million different people from one day to the next.’ Just last week, he was 3 different Bens. People find that amusing when I say it aloud, but the truth is each character is different, each has their own personality and thoughts and cares.

For a long while after we married I had trouble kissing Ben goodbye when he was in costume, although it’s easier now. And I do occasionally call him the wrong name. He only minded the once and that was because I’d used the dog’s name.

What’s my favourite part of each story? you may ask. While it’s always the part where he walks in the door and recalls how the show went and what you all were like.

A string of people giving us peace and happiness.

So enjoy your day and subscribe if you’d like to hear more.

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