“The most important thing in comedy is timing” you’ll often hear people say, and it’s true. It’s also true for magic and advertising. My apologies for this entry coming late but we’re still trying to work out the timing.

For the last 12 years, Alex has been at school so we had a reasonable, yet far from perfect, grasp on time. And getting them off to school gave us an excellent start time for our working day. Now, however, they’ve left school and apparently, university is not as structured as I remember. These days it takes us 3 or 4 goes to get the day of the week right.

As well as working out a day of the week, there’s the concept of when to do your work, I still start in the mornings but not always as early as before. Then, time gets away from me and it’s often mid-afternoon by the time I stop for lunch. On days when we have a show, I’m often catching up on this work after dinner.

It’s highly amusing for me when Mx 18 tells me off for working “outside business hours” not realizing that business hours are for people employed in muggle jobs, not those of us who run the business or have a business that works outside business hours. (And I get both lol).

Lately, I’ve been asking retired friends how they do it, keeping the week straight, and usually, they just look at me and laugh. So I’m guessing that the secret is in keeping busy, lots of work, and inspiring outings. This will keep the creative juices flowing and allow us to track the passing of time.

You know – for an abstract concept, time has a lot of power over us. So enjoy your time as much as possible.

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