The Occamy show (otherwise called Medieval Madness)

Some people who have been performing the same show for years say they get bored with performing it and so they have to always come up with new shows to keep themselves entertained. (Because the most important part of the show is making sure you have a good time). I have now done doing the medieval show for schools for 9 years (a little scary) and I have to say there is absolutely no way I can see myself getting bored.

Although the bulk of the material in the show is always the same there are plenty of bits that change and keep life interesting. The space where we perform changes a lot, from tiny ends of OOSH rooms no more than a spear and a half wide to gigantic theatres. Some are hot (so many public schools lack air con) some are made with glass walls, but I’m proud to say we never lose the kids’ attention. But we can modify prop arrangments and fight scenes at a moment’s notice.

The audience itself changes, the old adage is “Never work with children or animals” because you can never be quite sure what they’ll do. But that’s what keeps the show exciting. Will Harold see the invasion coming? (having just been wondered about in front of them) or did William kill his own horse? In each show Harold, being in the north of England is asked “what’s the worst news possible?”. The answer is meant to be William landing in the south but we’ve also had “no internet”, “the penguins have knees”, and “I die” is always a favourite.

How will the ruling monarch seek out a spouse for the princess? Some stand there barely moving, and others have wondered off around the audience.

These days we also have to keep up with the news a lot more. We do the ‘this is why we study history’ part on the change of empire and this has changed dramatically over the years as we live the fall of the American Superpower.

Yes, this one show will keep me entertained for many years to come. And I look forward to every minute of it.

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