So we’re just about at the end of January, and while we’re not finished in terms of gigs we are able to take some time and say “Hello world! We’re back to play.”

Just as it’s important for a singer to learn good breath control, so as entertainers we need to pace ourselves and ‘breath’ as we get the opportunity. January is a looong note for us (even though we are much fitter than last year), made slightly more tricky by the heat. Instead of relaxing in the van as Ben drove, I was nursing the rabbit’s travel cage so they could have better aircon.

I must say it astounds us just how many vacation care centers and their school halls are still without aircon in these summers of heat and while the costumes help you sweat out that excess water the people we feel most for are the children (and leaders). Who all know that Mum and Dad’s offices are kept nice and chilled.

I do like seeing each school and how they inspire kids, create solutions for kids and deal with parents. We get to see it all from grids on the playground laying out the times tables and showing fractions to the leaders off to the side on their phones. But we find real strength in seeing these kids (and leaders) light up when they feel connected to the show and are shown respect and joy.

Breathing is so much easier when you have trouble leaving the venue because people of all ages want to share some of their stories with you. It’s amazing what you can learn as well.

So as we breathe out through this last week we encourage you to open yourself to others out there in the world and find all the joy.

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