Where Did It Come From?

Happy New Year to you all! It’s a simple thing that comes around every 12 months, it doesn’t surprise us anymore but it can be a good space marker to stop and check your progress and if you’re on the right path.

There are other items in performers’ lives though that do beg the question. All performers agree glitter is a communal disease, especially if you actually know a fairy. It gets everywhere and nothing can hold it back. I maintain though that magicians also have a problem with sponge balls and balloons.

The house was perfect for Christmas but then a couple of days later there it lay, a long balloon right in the middle of the hallway. We’d didn’t have any balloons gigs to do, had barely been in the office, and yet there it lay. I tried to figure it out for days but it’s just one of those things.

I’m always finding sponge balls in weird places, I swear they multiply like rabbits. And of course it’s a regular question asked during shows. It gives Ben a huge high.

My favourite story was a few years ago. Ben was performing at a church fundraiser. He appeared at the begining show from an empty box. At the end of the show members (who had helped build the hall) came up on stage looking for the trap door “he must have used”.

While the random balls and balloons keep me on my toes, I never mind because it’s a constant reminder to keep my eyes open; either for new things or old things from new places. You truely can’t take anything for granted so have a wonderful year full of asking “where did it come from?”

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