Thank you for sharing a couple of moments of your precious time. This blog is to share some of the fun and life that my husband Ben and I share with our child and maybe you might find something that helps you see we’re all family together. Whether we know each other or not.

Ben has loved performing all his life; from reading Shakespeare to his Grade 2 remedial teacher to many productions with Queensland Theatre, his BA (acting) to being the prime performer for Rampant Ent for the last 15 years.

I’ve got a more mixed past, after studying science education I’ve worked in aged care, data entry, church youth work, retail, lab assistant, community health, and running the business side of Rampant Ent and performing in schools.

Together we live a life that seems to contradict most generalizations while paying the bills with swords and sorcery. We vote for the least crazy candidate at elections (often changing parties) and enjoy spending time with friends and family the most.

I welcome you to this weekly blog with a surprising fact. During a magic show at the beginning of the year, some of the children looked a bit worried during the fire-eating. Ben reassured them that it was fine because as a fictional character he couldn’t be hurt. To the great amazement of every parent attending this calmed every child instantly.

Looking forward to catching up with you next week, Diana.

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