On Tour

This week we’re coming to you from Canberra, ACT. The vacation care centers down here are very welcoming although the cold weather is making life interesting, especially for Ben who doesn’t like cold.

The majority of shows this week are the primary age medieval history show which is always highly amusing for us. We get the children to help us recreate ‘the royal court’ and because we let the new King / Queen make decisions we are kept on our toes at all times.

Yesterday our Queen of grace and beauty kept distracting me from the show with little pieces she thought of….. the knight should wear the breastplate as well….. we should have a ball for the princess’ birthday, none of which I could do anything about. Today’s king was fantastic with his enthusiasm for treating people like slaves and thirst for blood. I mean most rulers, when we state that someone has questioned their rule, decide to execute the villain (until talked down to the stocks) but this was a whole new level.

The thing that strikes me most is how practical kids are with all aspects of life. Without fail when we ask what would you look for in a spouse we get answers of rich, pretty, strong…… and yet there’s often that 1 kid (like this morning) who walked in, looked up and down the set, and immediately asked: “where’s the dragon?” “Sadly I wasn’t able to bring him” I answered, my insides gleaming with joy that there’s still some hope and wonder in the world.

So as I look forward to the last 4 shows before returning to Sydney I hope you are enjoying looking for dragons and magic. Or at least having fun in the sun.

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