Show Time in No Time

For a while, I trained in the western martial art of sword and shield, and the saying was “there are only 2 weeks to festival”. No matter when you were on the calendar. And I find this holds true for so many things in life, new shows, Christmas, and the date of handing over homemade … Continue reading Show Time in No Time

The Rule of the Box

It’s funny how much little boxes can absorb your life. At this time of year, I enjoy looking at the brightly coloured gift boxes for Christmas and in a couple of weeks we pull out our personal boxes of Christmas decorations and put them up. (It helps keep our mood light through all the Christmas … Continue reading The Rule of the Box

Little Actors

As Alex is answering the questions on the last of their HSC exams Ben and I have been pondering our last days as school kids and such things. The little boy who was sent for remedial classes because of his poor work. The remedial teacher asked him to read his favourite thing, so he pulled … Continue reading Little Actors

A Business Like No Other

I met a new person today and got a number of the expected responses when I told them we’re entertainers. “That must really interesting.” “What makes you decide me to be a magician?” “Lockdown must have been quiet.” Deciding to entertain people comes to us at all different parts of life, some realize early on, … Continue reading A Business Like No Other

Where Am I?

‘They’ often say that men are better at reading maps and knowing their way around than women. My Nanna certainly proved her side, even going so far on one occasion as to take the wrong turn out of a carpark from which you could see her street. But then I met Ben, whose sense of … Continue reading Where Am I?


After today’s shows were done I got home and sat down with my electric balloon pump to inflate the balloons for tomorrow’s show. I still remember the first time we offered the balloon show and workshop. I knew I had to help with the prep as it’s a lot of balloons to pump on your … Continue reading Balloons


It occurs to me that I’ve made reference to ‘our child’ a number of times without explaining why I choose this particular noun. A few years ago our child informed us that they are non-binary and gave themselves a new name (Alex). Both Ben and I have always been allies of the LGBTI+ community, so … Continue reading Accepting

Ahh, the Weekend.

I remember when our child started school I was very worried. Not so much about how they would fair with this new adventure, they were a confident 5-year-old who was comfortable being without us. But it was the concept of the weekend as time off to rest and recoup. As entertainers, we work most weekends … Continue reading Ahh, the Weekend.

What’s Next…..

If anyone else is a fan of ‘The West Wing’ you’ll recognize this as the phrase President Bartlet uses whenever it’s time to move on. My brain has started to use the phrase as well but it receives mixed reactions in response. As I whiz through the end of a task I start to try … Continue reading What’s Next…..

Expect the Unexpected!

This week Ben took the magic show out of the van and put the medieval show in for the next day’s gig. After which he took the medieval show out and put the magic show back in the van ready for today. Our child watched, then asked, “Why didn’t just have both shows in the … Continue reading Expect the Unexpected!


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