Creative? Who me?

I was recently in a business webinar for creatives and was asked what kind of creative I was. I managed to list off a few of the artistic functions I fulfill in my job and at the end I stopped to consider why I’d panicked at the question. As a young thing at school, I… Continue reading Creative? Who me?

Playing dress-ups

Ben proudly announces to every audience that he gets to play dress-ups for fun and as a job. That’s how we pay the bills. Halfway through this holiday run, we turned up with our medieval show ready for some fun. Now this is a show that relies very heavily on the kids interacting since they… Continue reading Playing dress-ups

Not Lost in Translation

Last week after a medieval show Ben was talking to a student about a saying we use. During the story of the crusades, we have the Muslims shout “Insha Allah” as the sortie is killed by the invading knights. It means “by the will of Allah” Ben was told by this Muslim student that it… Continue reading Not Lost in Translation


“The most important thing in comedy is timing” you’ll often hear people say, and it’s true. It’s also true for magic and advertising. My apologies for this entry coming late but we’re still trying to work out the timing. For the last 12 years, Alex has been at school so we had a reasonable, yet… Continue reading Timing

That Old Joke

When you’ve been around for a while, like us, there are certain things you take for granted, things you start to assume everyone must know. Ben loves to tell about the day he was hired as Dosty the clown to work the streets of The Rocks with a 2nd clown. They had worked together before… Continue reading That Old Joke


So we’re just about at the end of January, and while we’re not finished in terms of gigs we are able to take some time and say “Hello world! We’re back to play.” Just as it’s important for a singer to learn good breath control, so as entertainers we need to pace ourselves and ‘breath’… Continue reading Breathing

Where Did It Come From?

Happy New Year to you all! It’s a simple thing that comes around every 12 months, it doesn’t surprise us anymore but it can be a good space marker to stop and check your progress and if you’re on the right path. There are other items in performers’ lives though that do beg the question.… Continue reading Where Did It Come From?

Have Yourself a Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again, Ben and I cover A LOT of ground over December/January entertaining for business Christmas parties and schools/vacation care centers. It’s an exhausting but happy way to finish the year. As we go around each of your events we hear lots of interesting things, getting young children to tell jokes… Continue reading Have Yourself a Merry Christmas


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