Not Lost in Translation

Last week after a medieval show Ben was talking to a student about a saying we use. During the story of the crusades, we have the Muslims shout “Insha Allah” as the sortie is killed by the invading knights. It means “by the will of Allah” Ben was told by this Muslim student that it meant something else (something about a mouse) which at the time Ben believed, but later we checked it out and had a great giggle. We really enjoy it when the kids try to catch us out, even more so when we get to learn something new.

We find you have to be open to relearning things, and people are willing to play along. Back when Ben was working for Movie World one of the shifts people would get was giving the safety talk to the guests on rides. As the tour group took their seats Ben would explain that they needed to secure their harness and hold the rubberized grips under the seat with accompanying actions. When this was a Japanese tour group, they were to give the instructions in Japanese. Except, Ben didn’t have the Japanese for “hold the grips under the seat” so he said “Okina midori no ki” which actually means big, green tree. But by the end of the sentence, everyone was holding the grips correctly.

Just last month we also discovered that maille is French for chain, so saying chain maille is saying chain-chain bilingually. It takes a while to switch over but we do get there. Does this get into the show? Absolutely! We feel it’s important to show kids that learning continues throughout life so it’s part of our demonstration.

And so our learning continues as we meet countless others with different areas of knowledge. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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