Have Yourself a Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again, Ben and I cover A LOT of ground over December/January entertaining for business Christmas parties and schools/vacation care centers. It’s an exhausting but happy way to finish the year.

As we go around each of your events we hear lots of interesting things, getting young children to tell jokes is always hilarious, but it’s also interesting to discover people’s thoughts about the Christmas season. Lots of kids ask if I believe in Santa Claus and I always respond yes I do. And it’s true, he may not be an actual person but I believe in his spirit, and as Ben and myself are both christians we believe in the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus. As performers we don’t put this into our shows, of course, our Christmas show only refers to Santa and families coming together. But as the kids shout out to Ben about how to make the box from Santa work, I’m struck by 2 things. How much faith they have in Santa and the magic he can wield to make people happy and a thought Alex had when they were 9 or 10 years old, “Santa is Jesus for people who don’t believe”.

So I started thinking Santa rewards people (not just kids) who are Good. This is being respectful to others (and this means every human, not just the ones you like the rest of the year), looking after the poor by giving to charities, and being thoughtful of others before yourself. This sounds exactly like how Jesus wants us to behave, full of love and joy.

So regardless of what you believe, whether it is in Jesus, Santa, or something else we hope you feel the magic of the season, that you can enjoy family, rest and recoup, and have an awesome 2023.

Merry Christmas!

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