Harvest Time

Scrooge quite proudly announces that the Christmas season is harvest time for the money-lenders as people spend the mortgage money on frivolities. But it’s harvest time for us as well. We’ll work multiple shows a day, every day, to make the most of the December-January holiday season knowing that February to May will be light on because you did indeed spend all your money.

We do our best in our advertising to remind everyone to book early. We keep a tight grip on our calendars checking them 3-4 times a day to make sure all changes are logged so as many people as possible will be able to experience real magic in this magical season.

All the performers are working to the bone, which is what makes it amusing for us when we get a call mid-December asking for a magician for that Saturday. I remember every stunned silence “surely not everyone” they say. We try hard to help everyone but for those late bookers who didn’t think it would be a problem we do have a small laugh once we’re off the phone, we can’t help it.

So here’s to the Christmas harvest! May we all enjoy the magic of the season!

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