Show Time in No Time

For a while, I trained in the western martial art of sword and shield, and the saying was “there are only 2 weeks to festival”. No matter when you were on the calendar. And I find this holds true for so many things in life, new shows, Christmas, and the date of handing over homemade gifts……..

As people who perform for a living our ‘working hours ‘ are whenever a client has hired us and a couple of hours on either side of that, it’s rare that outsiders think to include all the behind-the-scenes preparation, mending, writing, advertising, accounts, etc. So a schedule of any kind needs to be flexible in design, moving pieces around so that the work happens around the various performances.

As a consequence of this, the main way of maintaining any concept of which day of the week we were up to was when our child went to school and the different activities they had there. Even with this helpful aid, I’d still sometimes get the days mixed up even having 3 Fridays in 3 days.

As of this week though they are 100% school free. My marker no longer exists and part of me fears a return to the time tracking of the lockdowns of the last 2020/21 or lack thereof. During those months there really wasn’t anything to differentiate the days of no audiences. We’d try of course but no box in any mental health survey could cover that feeling.

The good news is that we did start a little early, trying to put plans in place before school actually finished so we could get used to them. For me, the gym happens on weekdays and of course, church on Sunday is an excellent bookmark. Google Calendar is a wonderful help in sounding out the day as we wake up.

But remember time is all relative so don’t be surprised if we ask you to lunch when you’re actually at your muggle job.

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