Little Actors

As Alex is answering the questions on the last of their HSC exams Ben and I have been pondering our last days as school kids and such things.

The little boy who was sent for remedial classes because of his poor work. The remedial teacher asked him to read his favourite thing, so he pulled out Shakesphere. It was on and upwards from there. His English marks in senior high weren’t great until someone told him it was essential for doing the Film and TV course. He topped the class after that.

His Maths teacher was the best though. Realizing this kid’s dreams she made a deal with him “if you complete all your work well then you can entertain the class for the last 10 mins.” Ben learned math well and the entire class had a great start to the weekend.

Mine was different. I focused on science and math, but to keep my inner creativity alive (I wouldn’t have been aware of what I was doing at the time) I sang in the choir and always took part in the yearly school play as an extra. Through high school and university, I stitched my way through many a cross-stitch and the odd quilt. I also learnt to sew clothes.

These days it’s amazing to think how important little things could be, using those moments to entertain the masses while being able to create the costumes and props ourselves gives us a great sense of accomplishment.

And although they say “If you want to do X, you must have Y” I guess no one can completely prepare for their future unless they can keep themselves open to experiences and be ready to think of using a skill in a new way.

So take a new look around you, and enjoy what you see!

One thought on “Little Actors

  1. We never know where life will lead us but sometimes we need to do what the roadworks signs say: “ignore your GPS and follow the signs”!!


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