Where Am I?

‘They’ often say that men are better at reading maps and knowing their way around than women. My Nanna certainly proved her side, even going so far on one occasion as to take the wrong turn out of a carpark from which you could see her street. But then I met Ben, whose sense of direction is almost as bad.

It’s always been an amusement to me (quietly of course) that someone with such poor direction sense decides to make their living by traveling and we’re both convinced that GPS was invented to save our marriage.

In the early years of our partnership I would look up and write out the directions but then as he drove things would arise such as missing a turn. Then a call; “help I’m at station st” but no suburb trying; to help and a one-way street that didn’t show on the map. The GPS we were gifted was amazing.

And we thought that between the GPS and an improved sense of direction from buying our home I thought I all this would be over. But I was wrong and it’s proven to be a LOT of fun. While my sense of direction is still pretty good, so I can assess travel times etc. I do however have moments where I temporarily misplace a suburb.

But the funniest part is during the primary age version of the medieval show. Near the beginning of the show we introduce the newly crowned ruler of the suburb we’re in. Then further through the show when the princess gets married we name a neighbouring suburb. This requires not only remembering where you are but also knowing that section of town. It starts off not to bad but as the holidays blaze on it gets harder and harder to pick the correct suburb out of the memory banks (especially if we’re not in Sydney).

But as Ben and I often say to each other while stuck in the motorway crawl we’re with each other and all roads lead to Rome so that’s all that really matters.

So enjoy your travels where-ever they may lead.

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