Ahh, the Weekend.

I remember when our child started school I was very worried. Not so much about how they would fair with this new adventure, they were a confident 5-year-old who was comfortable being without us. But it was the concept of the weekend as time off to rest and recoup. As entertainers, we work most weekends and so we had fallen into the habit of having our Monday and Tuesday as our time off. Now that school life was part of things I worried if we would get downtime.

I’m happy to say it all worked out. Yes, we need to wake early to get them to school but the time after that can be spent resting or doing hobbies. Our child gets their regular weekends as life sets out.

You might be wondering why I have a whole blog post on enjoying weekends but I guess it’s the idea of reminding people that we can have very different movements throughout our lives. Over the last few years, we’ve been doing more school shows and so our “weekend” does move from week to week. When we think of having friends for an event decisions are more complicated as we look for a time that fits a muggle’s job hours as well as our own.

It’s important to remember life’s ebbs and flows through life’s ages, types of employment, and social agendas. That it’s ok for me to function best in the evenings while my child likes early mornings and other people find it beneficial to shop at 2am while I sleep.

So enjoy your rest and relaxation where-ever you can find it.

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