What’s Next…..

If anyone else is a fan of ‘The West Wing’ you’ll recognize this as the phrase President Bartlet uses whenever it’s time to move on. My brain has started to use the phrase as well but it receives mixed reactions in response.

As I whiz through the end of a task I start to try and decide which task needs to be next. Sometimes it’s as easy as looking at the to-do list and picking the next task down, Sometimes my mind looks at the to-do list and has a 100 other tasks race through the brain until I swoon and go make tea.

This week was more the latter as I found a number of tasks that should’ve happened in July but didn’t. It sounds bad but I feel sure everyone has these moments. Plus having to do these jobs means that I’m now ahead for this month which gives me more time for the creative side of the business.

As a result our new interactive talk ‘Personal stories from the Pacific War’ for history students is now up and running. And I’ve been able to kick back and enjoy listening to our child’s music concert assessment and university open days.

So as we enjoy life with lots of gigs, I hope you can enjoy your passion.

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