Expect the Unexpected!

This week Ben took the magic show out of the van and put the medieval show in for the next day’s gig. After which he took the medieval show out and put the magic show back in the van ready for today. Our child watched, then asked, “Why didn’t just have both shows in the van?”

“Well they don’t quite both fit in, so we only do it when absolutely necessary like during sections of the school holidays.” We make it easy to bump in because when you’re still waking up, been stuck in traffic (or lost) and you’re trying to appear professional as you meet the client, you like easy. We never worry about the ‘after-the-show’ section of a gig, cause we can relax; time isn’t usually a problem anymore and we know we’ve impressed the crowd and spread happiness and wonder just that little bit further.

That’s what a performer is there for bringing laughter and believe me, they won’t just stick to when they’re being paid. Many times while we’ve been out; doing the shopping or sightseeing or taking in a show, we’ve taken time out to show a little magic to an upset child. Ben tells me it’s to help the parent out but I know it’s because he can’t resist when those little eyes are so surprised that they just can’t cry anymore. He also likes doing a little something when the salesperson has been nice or helpful.

Something a lot of people don’t expect is that we usually only have meetings in the car while traveling. Discussing the needs of what goes into new shows, what maintenance tasks need to be complete before the next show, what to put on social media and advertising……. it all happens in the van.

And while the route google maps chose yesterday was enough of a surprise that I had to check I’d entered the right venue. But I gotta say what gets me every time is the sounds of surprise during the show and the looks on the faces of the audience as they leave. I know I take the shows a little bit for granted these days so it’s a lovely reminder when you overhear their comments. A year 12 student on seeing the props for the medieval show (performed for year 8) said it was the best day at school ever…

The small group of kids that inevitably gathers around the large box wondering where the birds have gone…

The large group that gathers around Feldergast asking for balloons after seeing the balloon-fold-ting rountine…

The monarch that hears the line that they search for the princess’ husband and suddenly takes off around the room….

Sure each week starts with a plan but the only thing I can rely on is the unexpected happening over and over again, and after reflection, I wouldn’t have it any other way. so look for your own unexpected and live your best life.

Cheers Diana

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